Riddhima Dil Mil Gaye

India shinning is the new buzz in the television industry also. Who is the most beautiful face on the Indian television screen today? Different people will come up with different answer. But if you ask me the influx of talent and beauty is on its zenith in the recent past. Agreed or not!

Riddhima Dil Mil Gaye

I think most of us will agree to it. The influx of talent is at its all-time high. The talent is coming in all forms and sizes. The beauty too is making its presence felt across the small screen. The characters serial combinations are making the serials known. For example the combination of Riddhima Dil Mil Gaye is an apt example. The duo of Riddhima Dil Mil Gaye is getting some rave reviews. Their combination is topping the popularity chart in every rating. But I have something else in my mind. I have a question as usual. Was their some form of dearth of freshness both in terms of talent and concept few days back? If the sudden rise in the parameters of quality some form of indicator of some innovative approach adopted by the television fraternity?

Riddhima Dil Mil Gaye

I have the answer too. Again this answer is highly based on my individual perception and others may differ from it. The answer as observed by me is the simple concept of reading what the customer wants. And that's a basic marketing approach. Read your customer. Offer him according to his choice and yes don't forget the most important aspect of marketing and packaging and you are in with a successful recipe for a hit soap opera. Isn't it? Why is this trend suddenly so obvious? The answer is in the fact that with the incoming of big business houses and conglomerates in this sector the professional attitude of the industry is improving and this is further inducing some useful and healthy marketing attributes to this sector. So all in all if you follow closely you can see the inter-relatedness of a circular cycle which is there for the good. And with all these positive vibes around I am assured of a very bright and prosperous future for the small screen industry.

Hence the best possible approach is to wait and watch how does the influx of all these positive attributes of talent, beauty, professionalism and freshness unfolds. Thus the time is going to be the best judge to tell whether the future is going to get better or is there some form of surprise still kept hidden and secret.

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